Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, VBS went well I think. Got to know some great kids. I hope they liked it too.
My cousin got married last weekend. Outdoor wedding, a little warm, but tolerable. The baby refused to sleep from about 1PM until nearly 11. The tuxes had camoflauge vests, ties, and sunglasses. We got to meet Charlie, the newest addition to our extended family. The baby loved chasing the lights on the dance floor. All in all, a good time.

I've been thinking perhaps this blog should concentrate on life in small town Iowa. The differences are astounding. The big difference highlighted by the wedding, I now plan to arrive at events at least 30 minutes early for the chance to chat. Fashionably late isn't much of a consideration here.

Keep checking back - I hope to update more often, and really, I will get some pics up. Future planned posts include: Corn Carnival (this weekend!), Matchsticks Marvels, nights, and whatever else trips my trigger.

Thanks for reading!

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