Monday, June 1, 2009


So, welcome to my blog! This will probably be the most boring thing on the entire internet.

I live on a farm in Iowa. Married, 2 kids: son 8 yrs, daughter 10 mos, 2 dogs: 12 years and 5 years. I'm unemployed and to take classes at the local community college for accounting. So far the only class I'm taking is a computer class, and it gave directions on how to create a blog. The last time I was in college didn't go so well, but I was studying physics and astronomy.

In addition to class, I'm trying my hand at vegetable gardening this year. Also, my grandmother gave me her sewing machine, so I'm trying a few sewing projects. We also have a few camping trips planned for our pop-up camper. I also need to exercise more and lose weight.

I suspect most of my posts will be about my family, gardening, sewing, looking for a job, school, exercising, and camping. There might be a bit of rambling about some opinion or other, too. I do not anticipate this being very fun for anyone, but thought I'd stick it up anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

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