Tuesday, June 30, 2009


What is a Corn Carnival you might be asking - it's the big festival weekend in Gladbrook, IA. This year's was from June 25-June 28. With my new job at the theater/Matchstick Marvels I was more involved than ever. So Alex got to be more involved too. He got to display his Lego Star Wars collection at the collectors fair on Thursday and for the first time he got a ride wristband and was allowed to go out of my sight so he could ride while I was at work. It was nearly 10:30 when we got home that night and he was exhausted, but he had a lot of fun. Friday we went to the early matinee of Imagine That at the theater, but then Alex took the rest of the day off. Saturday we all (Brian, Alex, Johanna, and I) worked in the foodstand from 3-6. Then, we had supper and I went to work, Alex had another wristband, and Brian took the very sleepy Johanna home. I was able to leave work a little early so Alex and I rode the Ferris Wheel together and I got some pics of Gladbrook and the Corn Carnival from a unique perspective. Sunday morning we had a community church service, then free porkburgers at the foodstand. And that was it for Corn Carnival, except for the picking up.

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  1. Brenda, these are GREAT POSTS! The world needs stories about life in small town Iowa. I look forward to reading more. Also, you seem to have inherited your mom's remarkable ENERGY! Just one of your days would leave me in the dust. M.E. (your mom's former coworker at FNMA)